Naturally Beautiful.

Everyone has their own idea about what “natural” makeup looks like.  For me, natural makeup tends to use palettes that follows or enhances your natural features — it can use a variety of different colors and/or products that emphasizes specific features without being dramatic.  This is my everyday look; therefore, I wanted this to be my first feature in New Ideas Page.

There are many different types of the ‘natural’ look and I will be taking you through all of the different ways you can have natural makeup with very different results.

The Real You Look

The first natural look is what I like to call ‘The Real You’ — The Real You tends to use 023f018ed249d71055712a6a00b38493very little to no product except a few key items.  I normally use this when I know I only have 5 mins to get ready and/or I’m running around and do not feel like putting on my “face” (that’s what my sister calls it!).  My ‘The Real You’ look typically consists of: spot concealing and/or putting a few drops of my foundation in my moisturizer (this even skin tones), some eyebrow color, mascara, and sometimes eyeshadow.  That’s it!

As you can see, The Real You shows the real you — thus, why I call it that.  This look is useful to have — I would bet most women have some form of this look that they use to run out to the store or even the salon. It is simple and very uncomplicated look that ensures that you don’t feel like a slob if you run into someone you know — I hate it when that happens!


The Natural Pop Look

 d35c2beb855c59e43d3ffabb10141288The next natural look is what I like to call ‘The Natural Pop’ — The Natural Pop tends to use more of a full face with a pop of one feature (most of the time it is making the lip pop).  Celebrities like to use a red or bright pink lip to bring it out; however, there are other ways to do this without making a large statement.  My ‘The Natural Pop’ look typically consists of: fuller face — or if I’m in a hurry ‘The Real You’ face — [the fuller face has: moisturizer, face primer, light foundation, concealer, powder and sometimes blush], eyebrow color, light eyeshadow, mascara, and red or pink lipgloss (similar to the photo).

 I like this look when I’m going to be outside or if I’m going to be running around all day — and know that my makeup may not survive sweat. This look is also great for an afternoon date or class.  The pop of the lip color can bring out natural features like freckles!


The Dramatic Natural Look

The final natural look is what I like to call ‘The Dramatic Natural’ — The Dramatic Natural tends to add dramatic eyes with the neutral look.   This is what I like to do when I really want my eyes to be my focus — this is my everyday makeup.   My ‘The Dramatic Natural’ look typically consists of: full face [moisturizer, face primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush], eyebrow color, different eye palettes, eyeliner, mascara, and a neutral lip color.

The best part of this look is you can make it as dramatic as you want — and is a perfect everyday look that can be transformed into a dramatic night look with adding more eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.  Here are a few examples of The Dramatic Natural Look:



b1c7e2dff0df7588dc8236766cb30725 15f004c6adf39b22d365e86bef2a723e 9cc4d1ccea40d9fb062b5846357fcc02


I love this look because it goes with everything!  You can add a pop of color if you want and still have the natural look — for example navy eyeliner or purple eyeshadow.  I hope you enjoyed the natural look — try them out and let me know what you think.

Note: All of these pictures are on my Pinterest Account (


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